Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Post #14

Young Girl on Smartboard

In this video, Jose Picardo gives very essential tips to using effective technology in the classroom.  Picardo talks about 10 tips that will help any classroom to have a better environment.  The 10 tips are:
1.  Use Streaming Video
2.  Use Music More Often
3.  Use Teleconferencing Tools
4.  Create Your Own Interactive Exercises
5.  Use Your Interactive Whiteboard More Effectively
6.  Create Your Own Podcasts
7.  Start a Blog or Wiki
8.  Use Social Networks
9.  Use Internet Tools
10. Make the Most of Your Pupils' Gadgets

Out of all of these tips, the one that I found the most helpful was to use your interactive white board more effectively.  Many teachers have Smartboards, but do not use them effectively.  I have had teachers who have had Smartboards.  Some of them use them correctly and others don't.  I feel that when my teachers actually uses more of the applications on the Smartboard, it enhances my learning and creates a better learning environment for me.  When I become a teacher, if I am blessed enough to have a Interactive Whiteboard, I will take full advantage of the many options that it has to offer.  I believe that using the Interactive Whiteboard effectively will make students more enthused about the material that is being taught even if it is a subject that they dislike.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

C4T #4

Congratulations Sign
In this post, Mrs. Heidi was recognizing that she was recognized as being one of the innovators leading classrooms of the future.  She stated how when she first started teaching she wasn't into technology as she is now.  However, when she received an e-mail from a student concerning live stream, she was forced to learn about technology.  Every since then Mrs. Heidi has been implementing technology heavily in her classroom.  She has realized that technology is not about teaching the students how to use it, but learning with the students as well.  She says that it is a team effort.  I commented on her blog and said, "Hello Mrs. Heidi.  My name is Ashley Cohen.  I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.  I was assigned to comment on blog.  First, I would like to say congratulations on the major accomplishment of being recognized as one of the innovators leading classrooms of the future.  I love how you took the initiative to implement technology in your classroom heavily.  I wish that more teachers would have the same drive as you.  Also, in order for teachers to implement technology, they must know that yes, they are the teacher, but the must also be a learner as well.  Overall, good job Mrs. Heidi and keep up the good work.  Thanks for all that you're doing. :)"

Blog WordleIn this post, Mrs. Heidi was elaborating on how blogging has effected her and her classroom.  She was talking about how blogging has become so essential to her and the classroom, that parents are even starting to get a lot more involved with their children's education.  She said she would have never thought that when she started blogging that a year later it would have given her so much positive richness.  She says that there are still days that she is in awe by the use and power of social media.  I commented and said, "Hello. My name is Ashley Cohen.  I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.  I really admire you as an educator.  You inspire me to want to use a great amount of technology in my classroom when I become an educator.  No doubt, blogging is a great tool.  When I started blogging, I was wondering what the purpose was.  But once I started staying active with it, it has become very essential.  Thanks for all your hard work as an educator.  :) Ashley Cohen"

Final Report on PLN! :)

Final PLN
For my final report for my PLN, I must say, I LOVE IT!!!! It gets me to everything.  I am so glad that I was introduced to Symbaloo.  When starting EDM310, I was very poor at managing time and staying organized.  However, Symbaloo has helped me tremendously with that.  When I sign onto Symbaloo, I have everything that I need right in front of me from educational to personal. My PLN consist of information that I need to stay informed with EDM310 such as my the class blog, my checklist, the syllabus, Google Docs, and the instruction manual.  Those are the most important tools on my PLN, because they keep me informed on what's due and how to complete it.  Also on my PLN, I have students and teachers blogs that I have visited since EDM has started.  The teachers blogs are very essential and informing with great information.  I love reading the student's blogs.  They inspire me to want to implement technology heavily once I become a teacher.  Another tile that is essential to my PLN is Twitter.  Twitter gives great information for the educational.  I follow a great amount of educators on Twitter.  It's great signing on Twitter having and seeing educators just giving away free information to help others.  Overall, Twitter can be a great asset if used correctly.  Another site that I visit regularly is YouTube.  YouTube is very helpful for any subject. I use YouTube basically for everything.  If there is anything I need to or just want to know how to do, YouTube is my first place to go. If you don't know how to do something,"Check YouTube".  I promise you it's on there!  If you want to know about something, "Check YouTube".  I promise you it's on there! If you want to know how to use YouTube, "Check YouTube". I promise you it's on there.  EVERYTHING is on YouTube. It's a great tool to have on anybody's PLN.

 Not only do I use my PLN for educational use, but also for personal use.  All of the sites that I mostly visit for personal use such as Facebook, Regions, and Chegg are included on my PLN.  Having a PLN has helped me tremendously with becoming organized educationally and personally.  I loved having a PLN so much that I told my mom "You have to have one of these! They are sooo cool!" Yea.. I know I sounded like a total "technology nerd" right then! Oh well, PLN's are the best. Glad Dr. Strange introduced me to this.  There is no doubt that I will be using my PLN even after EDM is completed. Thanks Dr. Strange!

Friday, December 2, 2011

C4K #10,#11 Summary

Beverly the Pirate

This post was by Mrs. Yollis.  For this post, she had a picture of the class' pirate named Beverly.  The students were not to wear their costumes to class.  However, Beverly the class Pirate wore hers anyway.  For the statement under the picture, she urged the people that were commenting to either write their thoughts about Beverly, what Beverly reminded them of, or leave a story about Beverly the Pirate wearing her costume to class.  I commented and said, "Hello. My name is Ashley Cohen.  I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.  I was assigned to comment on this blog post.  When I first saw the picture of Beverly, I instantly smiled.  At my elementary school, my school had a big stuffed animal, Stuffy, who taught the students about loving.  Beverly reminded me of Stuffy.  I love the idea of having a classroom Beverly! Enjoyed reading and seeing this! :)"

This post was by Iron in Mrs. King's 4th grade class at Point England in Auckland, New Zealand.  Iron's post  was about how he made something in class called Alien Snot. In his post he was saying how he didn't like making it, because it was slimy. Iron said it was the most disgusting thing he had ever made. :).. I commented on his post and said,"Hello Iron. My name is Ashley Cohen.  I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at The University of South Alabama.  I was assigned to comment on your blog.  I found this post interesting, because when I was elementary school we made this, too. Why didn't you like it? I loved playing with it! :) Enjoyed reading your post!"

Final Project!!

Enjoyed making this video!! #TeamGryffindor!! :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post #13

Population Photo

I believe that Wolfram Alpha is a great search engine.  I searched the Populations of the United States, China, and India.  To my surprise the United States ranked 3rd in the largest countries with 309 million.  India ranked 2nd with 1.2 billion, and China ranked 1st with 1.37 billion people.  I was shocked at the population amounts for those three countries.  When I first entered a search on Wolfram Alpha, I was amazed with the instant results it gave me.  I would rather use this search engine because it is quicker and I wouldn't have to spend much time finding which exact webpage to go to.  I believe that this would be a great source in a classroom.  Wolfram Alpha would make classwork that requires answers from the internet easier to grade papers.  Also, a variety of answers would not be a problem when students are asked to find information on the internet. Wolfram Alpha would be the first source I would use as an internet search engine when teaching.

Missed the Metaphor Additional Assignment!.

Mixed Metaphors

In this post, Dr. Strange helps us to understand metaphors.  Metaphors are used to give information without saying everything.  They also add interest to reading. I was one of the students who missed the metaphor in Blog Post #10.  I believe I missed the metaphor because I took the post too seriously.  I was more focused on the content of the post rather than the actual idea that it was trying to portray.  I was strictly thinking more inside the box rather than broadening my ideas and think outside the box.  I can say it is harder for me to find the metaphors that haven't heard regularly. However, if it was something like "she nailed it", "she's so sweet", "i'd kill for that new laptop", or "he's chickening out", I would understand those with no problem.  I think the problem with me not being able to understand those quickly is because I don't usually read information that contains a lot of metaphors.  To help upcoming students understand and use metaphors in their future life it to integrate metaphors in daily lessons to ensure that the students will be able to understand them.

Smart Board Instructional #2

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Post #12

If I were to create a blog post assignment, my assignment would be to create a video at the beginning of the class.  The instructions would be to create a video addressing:
1. Their views on technology
2. Are the technologically literate
3. What types of and how much technology do they use on a daily basis whether it be FB, Twitter, Skype, cell phone, computer (desktop or laptop), iPad, etc.
4.  Their assumptions about EDM310 including the rumors about the course. :-)
6. What is the purpose of EDM310.
5.  What they expect to learn from EDM310
This video would be informal and must be at least 4-5 minutes.  When completed, post to YouTube and on your blog as "Why EDM310?"

I picked this to be a blog post assignment, because I think it would get the students to express how they really feel about EDM310 and not just what Dr. Stange wants to hear.  I wish this would have been a blog post assignment for Fall 11', because it would have removed some of the tension I had when entering the course.

Skype Interview! :)


Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog!

Teacher of the Year Award

While browsing Mrs. Yollis' class blog, I found it quite interesting and creative.  Mrs. Yollis using her class blog very frequently.  Not only is it for her use, but it is also for the students, parents, friends, and anyone who comes in contact with the blog.  I think that is a great asset because it is very informative for the students and parents.  Mrs. Yollis uses her blog extensively daily by integrating multimedia.  There's not a day that Mrs. Yollis doesn't post to her blog.  Such as when the students did the announcements, shows their class tree, and many more.  Also, on memorial day's, she dedicates the blog to the special people for that day such as Veteran's Day.  I loves how she takes technology and embraces it so much.  Another thing that I enjoy about her blog is how she envolves "EVERYONE", and not just her students.

Progress Report!! :)

Team Gryffindor Label

For my final project, my group and I have gathered our thoughts for the idea.  We met early this week on Wednesday to agree that our final project will be about the effects of EDM310 on non-traditional students.  We will test record next week, and if not record the final the same day, we will record the final project the week after Thanksgiving.  The members in my group are Taylor Lane and Adrienne Babb.  #TeamGryffindor

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post #11

Baby on iPad

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class & Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy
These videos were interesting.  Ms. Cassidy takes many different approaches in cooperating technology in her 1st grade classroom.  I loved how the children are only in 1st grade, and know how to navigate the different ways of technology easily.  I enjoyed watching this video, because it gave me hope to know that it doesn't matter what grade the students are in, technology can be taught and understood.
Also, in the interview Ms. Cassidy explains her technique of implementing technology.  A student asked how would she recommend adding technology in the classroom.  She stated to do what best interest you first and all the other would fall in place.  She also said to check your surroundings and see what your students are capable of.  Ms Cassidy even said for using technology in Physical Education classes would be great also.  Putting the game schedule up, making changes in practice times, etc. would be a great way to incorporate tecnology.  Ms. Cassidy also talks about how she shields her students from clicking on things that are harmful to the computer and to the students eyes.  She also tells them to only use their first name for protection on the internet.  Ms. Cassidy has a great technique of teaching 1st graders on how to use technology.  No doubt, I believe her students will come out on top of other students in the real world.
Watching Ms. Cassidy have her students use technology was a big "ahhhh" to me.  This is because before watching this, I thought technology should only be taught in the upper level classes.  But by watching her implement it in her classroom, it showed me that no matter the age or level, technology can be taught in some form or fashion, even if it is just introduced a little. No doubt, I will take Ms.Cassidy's input on implementing technology in elementary classrooms with me when I become a teacher.

C4T #3

Baby Steps

Baby Steps
This post was about a woman named Ellen Graber who lives in Mexico who is explains her experience with trying to introduce technology and promote blogging skills in her country.  She has tried teacher training classes, all the way up to writing classes.  All she got was mainly rejection and resistance.  She realized that she could not change the school immediately.  So with her knowing that, she took a "baby steps" approach to the technology issue.  I enjoyed reading this post because it made me realize that not all countries accept technology and embrace it.  
I commented and said, "Hello my name is Ashley Cohen.  I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.  I was assigned to read you blog posts.  Now that i've read it, I was glad he assigned me to you.  Overall, great post! I enjoyed reading it, because you made me realize not all countries embrace technology like others.  I like the fact of you taking the initiative to try and implement technology heavily in the school system.  I really like the way you're implementing it by taking "baby steps".  Great job.  And you know they do say you can't change over night, it takes time.  Job well done! Enjoyed reading the post! :)"

Effective Professional Learning (again)....
This post was about the #elemchat session on Twitter.  In this post, the behind the scenes information was discussed on how the session is directed.  I enjoyed reading this blog post, because it showed me that not all the work is done upfront and there is some behind the scenes work.  I enjoyed reading this post and will try to incorporate #elemchat in my Twitter use.  I commented and said,"Hello. My name is Ashley Cohen.  I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama, and I was assigned to read your blog post.  I enjoyed reading this posts.  While I was reading this, it was all new to me.  I loved reading about what happens behind the scenes! It really informed me about what goes on behind the real picture.  I never knew this session went on on Twitter! Thanks for the useful information.. No doubt, I will tune in when I am able. Great post! Thanks alot!"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

C4K #5-#8


Smiley FaceTiffany is a 5 year old student in Room 3 who is in We are Kids with a View.  On Tiffany's page, she has games and pictures about what she is learning in her classroom. I commented and said, "Hello Tiffany, My name is Ashley Cohen.  I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at The University of South Alabama in the United States.  I enjoyed viewing your page.  I loved how you had the games on what you were learning in class.  I played the Alien punctuation game, and it was fun.  It is good that you are in only 5 years old and learning how to half and double numbers, read with punctuation, and correct sentences using punctuation.  By the way, the United States is 13 hrs behind you all in time. :) I enjoyed viewing your page. Keep up the good work, Tiffany!"

Jayden is in Mrs. Gregory's 7th grade period 4 class.  Jaydn wrote on her post about why are insects attracted to pollen.  She did a great job describing how and why the pollen is attracted by insects.  Maybe he is learning about pollen and insects.  I commented and said, "Jadyn!, I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama..I loved your post! I liked how you thoroughly explained the process of how and why insects are attracted to pollen!! You actually refreshed my memory on insects and pollen!. Good job!  Keep up the good work. Be sure to check out my blog!"

Hurt Foot
Breanna is also in Mrs. Gregory's class.  Breanna's blog post was about how she had a horrible day.  She and her friend had decided to build a fort.  As they were getting the cinder blocks to build the fort, her friend dropped the cinder block on her toe.  She stated, it was hurting very badly until her step mom put ice on it to make it feel better.  And now, her foot feels so much better.  In her conclusion, she says she wants for people to comment and tell her about their bad day.  I commented and said,"Hey Breanna!  My name is Ashley Cohen.  I am currently enrolled in EDM310 with Dr. Strange at the University of South Alabama.  I used the random picker to read your blog.  I'm sorry to hear about you hurting your foot, but I'm glad to know that you're doing better! I've had a horrible day before.  Me and my sister we're playing basketball with my brother, and she pushed me to get the ball. When she pushed me, I fell on a trampoline leg, and it went inside of the bottom of my jaw.  I HAD TO HAVE STITCHES! That was when I was in 5th grade though. But I'm better now! :) I enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the good work! Be sure to check out my blog!"

Jarrod is a member of 2KM and 2KJ at Leopold PS in Leopold, Australia.  On his blog post, he showed the different ways he used many websites on the internet to create many multimedia things.  Jarrod created jazz music,made a presentation with music, and also taped a recording of him talking with his brother's picture.  On his brother's picture, he made the mouth to move as if he were really talking.  I commented on Jarrod's blog post and said,"Hello Jarrod!
I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.  I enjoyed reading your blog post and watching your multimedia presentations that you created using websites.  I never knew you could do all that on the internet!! I will be sure to make me a few when I get a chance!! It was also fun listening to your Jazz music you created! Keep up the good work! Be sure to check out my blog! "


Gravity Letters

Mrs. Barks class is a fourth grade class in Auckland, NZ.  On this blog post, it was about the questions they wanted answered about gravity.  They had a 3:52 video explaining the many questions they had about gravity in space.  I commented and said,"Hello Mrs. Barks!
My name is Ashley Cohen, and I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.  I can say, I loved this video, because I would have never known this is how they eat and use the restroom in space! It's quite interesting.  I would love to visit space to see what more they do to try and maintain with the gravity levels.  I enjoyed the post! Thanks for posting it. It educated me more on gravity in space. :) Thanks!"

This post was by a student who talked about how their teachers sometimes gives them assignments with no limitations.  The student says this is a different learning style that some student enjoy because it allows them to be very creative.  I commented and said,"Hello. My name is Ashley Cohen.  I am student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.  I enjoyed reading your post.  I think that it is a good idea that your teacher allows you a great range in doing your assignment.  Sometimes when students are limited to their creativity, they tend to either no the the assignment or not fulfill it correctly.  Sometimes not giving instructions is a good idea because it gives students a time to be creative with no limitations.  Great post! Enjoyed reading this! Glad to hear about teachers like this! :)"

Blog Post #10

Piaget Quote

Do you Teach or Do you Educate
In this video, Joshua Bloom gives the differences between teaching and educating.  Throughout the video, he gave the definitions of teaching and the definitions of educating.  This video gives a great example of why we should educate rather teaching.
This video also shows why I became an education major.  I stepped into the education field because, not only did I want to be a teacher to students, but I also wanted to be an educator!  I want to be the teacher that shows the students about reality and not just teach them facts.  I most definitely do not want to be a "burp-back" teacher.  Although we should be educators, there are still some people that only teach the children and not educate them.  This video was a must watch for all teachers/educators so that it will remind them on what majoring in the education field is all about-teaching and/or educating.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home!
PencilIn this post, Tom Johnson gives a story on how one of his high administrative co-workers storms in on him a goes off on him because he is letting his students take pencils home.  However, what she does not know is that he is doing it for a good cause.  He is taking the problem and using the problem to make a better solution.    He doesn't focus on the problem and the bad outcome it gives, but he is using the problem to entertain the kids in a educational way.  He also got the parents involved with using the pencils for the better rather than for personal entertainment.  He understands that they say pencils are used for a form of entertainment, but he doesn't dwell on the negative.  He turns it into a positive.
I loved this article.  This is because many teachers and administrators are quick to throw something out of the school system if it is said to be a problem.  I believe throwing something completely out is harder to do rather than cope with it and use it for the better.  Children are easier with making a change in something than throwing it out.  If something that students like gets thrown out, then another problem that will occur is students sneaking the item in school anyways!! So I say, don't throw it out! Tweak it and make it useful!  As a future educator, a motto that I will have is "Never Look at the Negative, But Focus On the Positive".
I Always Look On The Posistive Side Quote

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Post #9

Listen To Children

What I've Learned This Year (1st Year)
In this blog post, Mr. McClung talk about his first year of teaching elementary education.  Mr. McClung's first year of teaching was in Noel, Missouri.  He admits to being young, inexperienced, and didn't know what to expect from being an elementary teacher.  In his first year reflection blog, he talks about the things he learned from teaching.  Mr. McClung learned how to read the crowd, be flexible, communicate, be reasonable, don't be afraid of technology, listen to your students, and lastly, never stop learning.
I enjoyed reading this post, because as an upcoming elementary teacher, these things are very helpful when entering the classroom on the first day of school.  His insight on his first year helped me tremendously and also gave me hope.  This post helped me to realize that everyday will not be the same! The part that most helped me was when was talking about listen to your students.  Although, we may not think children appreciate when we listen, they do.  You may say student's don't know if we listen or not, they do.  Listening may seem so minor, but it affects student's, and they appreciate it significantly.  No doubt, this blog has gave me hope for my first year.

What I've Learned From This (3rd Year)
In this blog, Mr. McClung talks about his 3rd year of teaching as an elementary teacher and coach.  He explains the many different things that he has learned from the first day of teaching up until now.  Mr. McClung has learned from and about knowing who his boss is to never getting comfortable.  He states that it is a must to ALWAYS stay an energized teacher and never be afraid to accept and learn new ideas.
I enjoyed read Mr. McClung's post.  This is because it showed me that all teachers aren't the best on day one.  Teachers learn on a daily basis and accept their imperfections and work on them.  Teachers must be able to accept the fact that every lesson WILL NOT go as planned.  Mr. McClung says that he used to stress all the time because he his lesson didn't go as he planned them to.  Being an elementary teacher, hardly ever will lessons go as planned because elementary children are so random, that you can never predict them.  I enjoyed reading this post and will take the many things that Mr. McClung addressed with me into the real world when I begin teaching.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post #8

Students on Computer

Richard E. Miller
In Richard Miller's this is how we dream video's give a a great view and description of how technology is increasing daily.  It also shows us how many resources the internet opens us up to.  Although we may not know what all the computer has to offer, it basically makes the world what it is today. The multimedia in modern day allows you to go to the extent of getting people's information that has been posted within milliseconds.
Multimedia helps the school systems today tremendously.  You basically can run you classroom from a computer.  With the help of the internet you can also find assignments, games, activities, etc. for you classroom over the web.  You can also not see what's on the internet, but you can also go behind the scenes and see what's going on there, also.  Although the internet says some pages are private, I believe that everything that is put on the internet it subject to viewing and will be viewed.  People have a way of accessing any information they want.
I believe that knowing the multimedia and how it works today will help me a lot when becoming a teacher.  This is because some of the teachers from the past haven't had a chance to teach a classroom with the help of technology, and it has been a struggle.  I'm not saying teaching without computers is a total struggle, but if technology was there to aid, then it would have removed some of the stress.  This brings me to the saying, "Don't Work Hard, Work Smart".  By knowing this saying, it will remind me to take heed of my resources and use them wisely.

Blog Post #12 by Carly Pugh
I enjoyed reading this post by Carly Pugh.  This post was on what she thought Dr. Strange should have assigned as an assignment for EDM310.  Carly's post is very thorough and well written.  I enjoyed reading this post and think it's a great assignment, because when becoming a teacher, all of the things she listed should be thought about!  Carly's assignment coincides with Dr. Miller's because the whole assignment is using multimedia to create more multimedia.  I loved the idea of Carly's assignment, however, I did think it would be very time consuming.

Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies
I loved both of these videos.  In the Chipper Series, Chipper is a girl who was once in college but dropped out, because she wanted to take the easy route out.  Chipper always has excuses for her actions.  Chipper, also, always wants to take the shortcut in life.  However, she does realize that taking shortcuts in life got her nowhere but to back where she started.  I laughed throughout the whole series, because I know a few people like Chipper.  The thing that Chipper has a problem with that I also have a problem with is procrastination.  However, being in EDM310 has helped me to manage my time.
EDM310 for Dummies is a video that I can really, really relate to.  This is because the first couple of weeks in EDM310, I was feeling the exact same way.  And as time passed, I've grown to love EDM310 just like the two in the video.
Big Change Picture

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
In this video, the arguments where about students and technology.  I agree with the arguments that technology is a very vital source for students today.  Overtime, since technology has increased, it has a made a major impact in the school systems.  However, not all teachers are adapting to the change.  Most teachers are still restricting their students to whiteboards and overhead projector screens.  I feel that this is a problem, because this doesn't give them any le-way to explore other sources other than the ones given by their teacher.  I believe that with the help of technology school systems can be changed tremendously.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Short Movie! :)

My Favorite Teacher and My Inspiration to be a Teacher! Enjoy!

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
Before even watching "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch, I dreaded having to watch it.  With that being said, I  waited to the last minute to watch.  However, when I started watching it, I actually was drawn in.  I loved how Randy Pausch used emphasis in his voice.  Another thing that I liked that drew me into his video was how he used comedy to keep the audience interested.  Throughout his video he talked about his childhood dreams, how he enabled the dreams of others, and his lessons learned.
Randy Pausch said a lot of things throughout his video that struck me, and will stick with me for the rest of my life.  "Brick walls are built and placed for a reason".  Brick walls show your dedication, and also separates you from the people who don't want to achieve their childhood dreams.  If you are willing to go beyond the brick wall and try your best to knock it down to achieve your goals, it shows your hard determination.  Also, fundamentals matter.  Without fundamentals, it really doesn't matter about the fancy stuff. That is important because some teachers focus on the fancy things in the classroom rather than the fundamentals behind to get the fancy things.  Another statement that Pausch said was about worrying.  "You should worry when your doing wrong and no one says anything".  After hearing that, I was brought to reality because I've always had the attitude about why are people worrying about my business.  But when I heard that, it made me realize that when people are worrying about you and giving you criticism, then they actually care for you and want the best for you.  Now that makes me want more criticism daily.
In the Last Lecture, Randy Pausch talks about how he love to enable other children to achieve their dreams.  He was able to help two of his students to become faculty members of the college he taught at, Carnegie Mellon University.  Pausch loved helping others.  Pausch created Alice to help students with virtual technology.  He stated that even if he didn't see how big the success would be, he didn't care and that at least it would be apart of his legacy.
"Without the different people in your life, you wouldn't be who you are".  This stated by Randy Pausch is so true.  Pausch says many people such as parents, mentors, teachers, friends, and even colleagues have gotten you to where you are today.  People that helped him be the man who he is today was Andy van Dam and his bosses.
A few other quotes that Randy Pausch said that stuck me and will stick with me all throughout the years I'm teaching is
  • Never Give Up
  • You can't get there alone
  • Tell the truth, be earnest, and apologize if you screw up
  • Focus on yourself not others
  • Get feedback loop, and listen to it.
    • Anybody can get positive feedback or chewed out, but it takes a strong one to take heed and listen.
  • Don't complain; just work harder
  • Be good at something; it makes you valuable.
  • Find the best in everybody
    • You might have to wait a while but people will show you their good side eventually; just keep waiting; everybody is not evil.
    Be Good At Something Quote

    Those are just a few of the quotes that I took heed to.  When I become a teacher, these would be quotes that I would post around my classroom to make it a positive learning environment.  At the end of the video, Randy Pausch stated that the purpose of the video wasn't for the crowd, but it was for his children when he dies of his sickness.  Overall, I enjoyed the video, and wouldn't mind watching it for a second time.  All of the things that Randy Pausch said in this video will be taken with me and used in the near future.

    Saturday, October 8, 2011

    PLN Progress Report (Project #10)

    Photo of PLN

    This is my actual PLN in it's beginning stages.  I used Symbaloo to help create and organize my PLN.  I have somewhat color coded my PLN.  At the moment, on my PLN are the sites I find helpful, or I visit regularly.   Social sites I have included that I visit daily are Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and YouTube.  Also, on my PLN, I have added teachers and kids that I have commented for C4T and C4K, respectively.  I've also included a few tiles that help me in other education classes.  The tile helps me to create lesson plans for my HS 365 course that I am taking this semester.  Although my PLN is in its beginning stages, I hope to have a full, complete, organized PLN by the end of the semester that I will be able to use daily after the EDM310 course is completed.

    Timetoast Timeline (20th Century Presidents First Day of Term) Project #9b

    C4T #2

    Future Exit Sign

    Leaders Building the Future
    In this post, Mr. Will Richardson uses explains how there are 5 ways we direct our students into the future.  However, he didn't talk about it from an educational standpoint.  He explained it from a business standpoint, but they do work the same respectively.  The five points that Mr. Will Richardson expounded on were master unlearning, augment expertise, pilot, invest, and experiment, reward learning and cooperation, and know your aspiration.  I enjoyed reading this post, because it actually gives you a guideline on what a teacher should consist of to make the classroom a better environment.  I also liked how he talked about from a business standpoint, but stated it could be used for education as well.  
    I commented on Mr. Richardson's post and stated that I was a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading his post.  I also said when I first started reading his post I thought it had to do with business so how  in the world does it have to do with education?. When I kept reading, I realized that it has alot to do with education.  I thanked him for his post because it opened my eyes to realizing there is room for error in the classroom. Enjoyed your post!

    Woman Looking in Mirror

    No Quick Fix
    This post by Mr. Will Richardson is about how when teachers get in the classroom, they always wonder how can they change the school system.  Richardson believes that teachers shouldn't worry about how to change the school but change themselves first.  He states that it's not the school system changing but it is the teachers themselves that must change in the classroom setting that changes things.  
    I commented and stated that I enjoy reading his post.  I also agreed that change must first start individually.  If the change starts individually, then most of the changes that the school systems are trying to make wouldn't need to be made.  It also inspired me to when I become a teacher to not always look at the school system, but to check myself before blaming the school system. Enjoyed his post!

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Blog Post #6

    The Networked Student

    Let's Network
    This video is about how a student uses the network to his advantage.  This student basically uses the network to complete and find all his sources of information.  There is no source of textbooks for him to use whatsoever.  He finds different proffessors and scholars to help him in whatever he needs by easily following blogs and creating a blog. This video shows how using the internet can be a great benefit when needing to know alot of information, and scholars would be the ones to consult.  At the end of the video, the question what since the student has the network to access all of its information, then what is the purpose for the teacher.  The answer was that the teacher is there to guide the student and show the student the skills on how to use the network.  Also, the teacher is to show the student how to use the skills and information in the real world that he/she obtains.

    I believe that a networked student would go far beyond a student who doesn't take advantage of the internet. The internet is a great source that gives you access to millions more sources.  Teaching a student how to be a networked student at a young age is a great advantage because it will train them to make it a habit to network once they enter the professional world.  So, no doubt, I believe all teachers should teach their students to be a networked student daily.  As an upcoming teacher, I will teach my students how to become a networked student.

    A 7th Graders Personal Learning Environment (or PLN)
    Verizon PLN NetworkIn this video a 7th grade girl gives a view of her Personal Learning Environment.  She shows how she uses it and tells how it is such a helpful device to her with her school work and personal use.  The 7th grader stated that creating a PLE can be very helpful when trying to view and keep so much information.  It helps you be organized and informed about every page at the same time. She showed that with a PLE things can be organized by color and folders.  She also acknowledges that a pro of having a PLE is that you can have scientist can be emailed to have them edit your work.  Another idea is that you can even chat with certain scholars via Skype.  Although my PLE (PLN) is in it's beginning stages, I hope to have a full PLN as good as her's by time I finish this class.  Not only would I use it for this class, but also as a daily tool while teaching. 

    C4K #1-#4

                                                          1st Comment
    Benmore With Deer Head
    I was assigned to comment on Ellie's blog post. Ellie is attending school in Benmore.  She was just getting started and this was her first post. I commented and said,"Hello Ellie! My name is Ashley Cohen. I attend the University of South Alabama in the United States and is enrolled in EDM310. I was assigned to read your posts. I see that you're just getting started with your blog. I am  a new blogger as well. You can look me up on Twitter at @iitzz_ash (2 i's and 2 z's). Hope your enjoying Benmore. I'm excited to read your upcoming blog posts while you're in Benmore! Have fun!"

    2nd Comment
    Helen is a Year 8 student at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. She is in Room 19 and her teacher is Mr. Harris. Her favorite subject at school is Writing because helps her with words.  She says, "The best thing about having my own netbook is that it allows me to do my work faster."  On her post she stated facts about Latin America.  She also did a good did with incorporating pictures.  I commented and said, "Hello Helen!
    My name is Ashley Cohen and I am in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I was assigned to read your posts. I enjoyed reading this post. Last semester I took a class called Latin American Studies and it reminded me of then. You're doing a good job presenting your information. I love how you incorporated photos also. Follow me on twitter at (iitzz_ash)-2 i's and 2 z's- Keep up the good work! :)"

    3rd Comment
    Tooth Trouble book
    Mrs. Diane Hall class is in McKinney, TX.  This is a Thinking Stem class.  Every other day, they post about the reading that they are reading in the class.  For this post, Sam was reading a book called Tooth Trouble.  On his post he stated that he was reading Tooth Trouble and stated his thoughts on how the story was going to end.  I commented and said, "Hello Sam.. My name is Ashley Cohen. I am in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama.  I was assigned to read your blog post.  I haven't read Tooth Trouble, but it sounds like its good.  I think he will knock the bully's tooth out.  I think i'm going to go to the local library and look for the book.  Reply back and let me know how the story ends.  It was good reading your post about Tooth Trouble.  Good post."

    Technology Podcast!

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    Blog Post #5

    Sleeping Baby on Cell Phone

         This post was by Scott McLeod.  Scott McLeod is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky.  He is widely known as one of the nation's leading experts for K-12 on school technology leadership issues.  He also is a co-creator of the YouTube video series of "Did You Know".
         I found this post somewhat sarcastic.  However, when I finished reading it, I was brought to reality about some of the things that he stated.  I agree with some of the things he was saying, and I also disagree with some of the things.  I don't believe that we should shield our children from the things of life.  Especially, if the things of life that will basically create and make up their whole life in the future.  As technology evolves, children will evolve.  So with that being said, I believe once they are introduced to it as a child, they will know how to handle it whenever it is brought to them.  However, I agree with McLeod when he says to protect your children from things such as social networks and cell phones.  The only reason I would agree is, it is so hard to manage what a child views on the internet or on a cell phone.  It does get scary sometimes when you think about it.  This is because there are many people who abuse cell phones and the internet.  As a upcoming teacher, these things that Scott McLeod are major decisions that I will have to make for my classroom.

    Student with iTouch

         I loved this video.  This video is of a short powerpoint presentation by Travis Allen, 17yrs old when aired.  He is proposing that schools adopt the iSchool Initiative.  The iSchool Initiative is trying to get schools to adopt having and doing school through an iTouch handheld device.  He believes that with the right plan the school system can be changed.  He also states that, no doubt, money will be saved because for everything that is done in the classroom, Apple Store has a third party app for all assignments.
         This is a great initiative for all schools to adopt.  For one it would save a great amount of money for each student.  With the economy steadily decreasing daily, this would be great for all administrators to consider. Not only would it save money for the students, but it would also save money for the country.  This is because books and other sources that are usually provided via school will not have to be bought.  Also, our environment will be saved.  Less trees will be cut.  By the time I am a teacher, I hope for the iSchool Initiative to be put in effect because it will not only save money, but it will also prepare our children for the real world the way technology is increasing, and also keep parents involved.

    Eric Whiteacre's Virtual Choir
    When I watched this video, at the beginning, I was somewhat bored.  However, when I stopped to think about it, it then became interesting to me.  This video was alot of people singing as a chorus to the same song.  These people had never met to even practice the song.  Thinking about that, it shows you how powerful technology and the internet is.  After watching this, it made me realize how technology is becoming more efficient and powerful.

    Teaching in the 21st Century
    By watching this video, my perceptions of Kevin Roberts about teaching is he basically doesn't believe in "burp-back education".  He believes students should be taught skills and not facts and information.  He believes that if the student is taught skills, they will be able to perform basically any task.  He states that as teachers, we shouldn't be entertainment, but we should be there to engage with the students.  Meaning, interact with the students, have them teach you also, so everyone will be learning.
    No doubt, I agree with Roberts.  Teaching children to memorize information and then testing them on it is basically pointless.  This is because, once the child takes the test, all of the information is forgotten.  However, if the student are taught skills on how to USE the information,then it will be more effective.  This is because once they get in the working field, they will have to use the information they learned which is basically teaching them skills.  As a teacher, this would help me take a different approach to my classroom.  I will not only teach the facts and information, but also incorporate using the skills that are associated with the information.

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Blog Post #4

    Podcast Icon

    The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

    This video gives information about podcasting.  It gives benefits on how podcasts are in the classroom.  Podcasting allows for differentiation throughout the classroom.  Lectures can be recorded, or students can record for assignments.  Podcasts allow students to use and show their higher level thinking skills.  Podcasts also provides students with relevant information on the go.  Not only do they help the students and the teachers, but they also inform the parents on what their child is accomplishing and learning in class.

    I enjoyed watching this video, because it made me realize podcasting is a very essential tool that can be used in every classroom.  Podcasting allows students to actually enjoy and participate in class.  It also allows the student to involve themselves in classes that they are not mentally strong in or they they just do not like.  It also removes the barrier for creativity.  In the future, I would make podcasting a part of my classroom, because not only it involves my students, but also involves the parents as well.

    Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog

    I listened to the 3rd graders as they presented facts about sharks.  This was very interesting.  I actually enjoyed listening to them.  The way they incorporated the music was a great way to make it more creative.  Although this was a podcast created by third graders, it taught me and gave me good ideas to incorporate in my podcast.  One thing that they did was pronounced their words well and pronounced them with great emphasis.  I could also hear more emotion in their voice.  Meaning, it didn't sound like they were just reading from note cards.  It was as if they actually knew this information and was trying to inform many others on shark facts.  When that was done, it made the podcast more effective.  It made me actually want to watch it.  By the time it was over, I enjoyed it and I learned a great amount about sharks as well.

    100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

    Dancing iPodAs I read the 100 ways to use your iPod to learn and study  better, I was so amazed.  This is because, I have an iPhone 4 which can do all of these things.  Although many people think iPod's are only for music, it can be very essential for learning and studying for challenging classes.  Podcasts would be a number one help.  They help explain different concepts in ways that professors do not or can not.  Considering I may struggle in a few classes throughout my college years, some of those podcasts and apps would help me tremendously to improve my grades.

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    Blog Post #3

    "It's Not About Technology" 
    In this post, Kelly Hines points out some very important issues about technology being involved in schools.  Hines believes that throwing technology in schools is not the first step into making a school system better.  She states that in order for a school to become better there a few things that should be recognized in order to impact upcoming students.  These things are that teachers must be learners, learning and teaching are not the same thing, technology is useless without good teaching, and be a 21st century teacher without the technology.

    I enjoyed reading this post.  When you actually think about it, the things that Kelly Hines stated in order to impact upcoming students in the classroom are basically common sense statements that all teachers should realize.  Technology can not be put into a room if a teacher is not willing to learn everyday about the evolving technology.  Teachers must also realize that, yes, they are the teacher, but teachers also learn from their students.  Not only from their students, but also from other sources.  Lastly, another point that I like that Kelly Hines pointed out was that technology in the classroom is not a "must have".  Class can be taught using very little technology, just be creative.

    Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?  
    In this post, Karl Fisch voices his opinion of whether it is okay for teacher to technologically illiterate.  He says that almost everything we do has to be done by using at least some form of technology.  In his opinion, it is unacceptable to say "I don't really get computers" and be comfortable with it.  He also states that technology is a major form of how most people communicate in the 21st century, and communication is a main principle that is taught in the classrooms.  Karl states that being technologically illiterate is basically the same as being illiterate to reading and writing as well.

    This post made much sense to me.  Although as time goes by, teachers have to accept the fact that their teaching methods must also change with time.  A teacher who has been teaching for a number of years realizes that the methods they used when they first started teaching, of course, are not the same as today.  I believe that in order to be a teacher, you must also have to learn daily.  You have to learn the new material that is being processed in the modern day to be able to teach your students how to use and access these materials.  As Karl Fisch says, "How can we teach this to kids, how can we model it, if we aren't literate ourselves?"  He also states that we have to be willing to learn along with our students.

    Gary Hayes Social Media Count
    Facebook Logo
    As soon as I clicked this website, I immediately saw large numbers streaming and increasing by the second all the way up to annually.  This website calculates the statistics of technology, what is being viewed, sent, and even watched on the internet.  A few websites include Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Skype.  Some of the numbers I saw where shocking, because I use a great deal of these sites that are being calculated.  However, when I do use them, I wouldn't expect that many items to be viewed, sent, and watched.

    Watching those numbers, I realized that technology increases by the second.  By the time I am a teacher, those numbers will be even higher than they are today.  So as I continued to watch the numbers increase, I noticed that as technology increases, I will have to increase.  I will have to keep up to date with technology and learn daily the new additions to be able to teach my students and have an efficient classroom setting.

    A Vision of Students Today
    This video points out facts about students.  It shows many facts about teenagers and their daily lives.  While viewing this, I noticed that I do the same things and feel the same was a majority of most of those teenagers.  However, some of those facts can be eliminated.  Technology being used in the classroom can help and it can also hinder the educational learning environment.
    Professor Lecturing
    I believe laptops should be able to be brought to class.  However, if the teacher is doing his job as a professor/teacher by lecturing and teaching the materials, the student should be able to have enough self discipline to use the technology in the correct way, such as not being on social websites that capture their attention away from the class activity.  Also, just because a student is in a large numbered classroom does not give them the right to just be a number.  They should do whatever it takes to be an active student in the classroom such as pay attention and even ask questions to make the learning environment more exciting.

    Behind the Scenes!!...

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    C4T #1

    Not better, but different
    In the blog that was read, Not better, but different, Dean Shareski talks about how technology is perceived by different individuals as not being better, but different than the past.  He argues that technology is far more better and different, and that reading doesn't give you the ability to gain as much intellect as accessing the internet.  He believes that reading books are destroying our community.
    I commented on his post and stated that this post was very interesting to me.  This is because so many people in modern day believe that reading a book will give you far more intellect than technology.  I think this is because all technology is being stereotyped as a brain washer.  However, not all technology is used for the same thing.  Personally, I think a person is more intellectual if they are technologically literate and can access great information from the internet than the person who can only access information from reading.  That is because information in books and magazines are less up to date than the internet which publishes information every second.

    Why Joy Matters
    In the blog that was read, Why Joy Matters, Dean Shareski expounds on how teachers should focus a little more of their students emotions.  He believes that the pressure of getting the work done and making the grade is squeezing the joy out of students.  He also states that creating a joyful learning environment is very important, and if we start counting the smiles of our students there may be a difference in the classroom.
    I commented and stated that I loved this post.  Many teachers today are more focused on the student coming to school getting the grade and doing the work.  However, they should be worrying about how the student feels while he/she is at school.  I believe if you could get through to the child emotionally, the classroom will be more efficient in all ways. 
    Give Joy,Get Joy

    Saturday, September 3, 2011

    Blog Post #2

    Baby On Laptop

    Did You Know
    While watching this video, I was somewhat in shock.  This video gave multiple facts that pertained to modern day and the effect that technology is having on the world. Facts about how the population of the world is increasing, the difference in America's education to other countries around the world, and how technology is increasing daily by the minute.
    This video gained my attention instantly, because it made me realize how rapidly technology is increasing.  Not only did it make me realize the significance of technology, but it also made me come to reality about how my children will, no doubt, have to be technologically literate to survive in the near future.

    Mr. Wrinkle Wakes
    In the video, Mr. Wrinkle wakes up from a deep sleep and finds that he is lost in time.  He realizes, once he browses the city and different places inside the city such as the hospital and others, that he is technologically behind.  Once he gets to the hospital, he notices doctors reading and viewing x-rays and patients hooked up to machines and practically having them breathe and live without effort.  He also went to the school.  However, he stated that he felt at home when he arrived at the school because he noticed that they were not using computers and other technology but they were using textbooks, paper, and pencils.
    This video was quite interesting to me.  It was interesting is because my father used to be alot like Mr. Wrinkle.  My father is the type that he feels using your brain and reading is the best way to gain intellect. However, now that he see's how the times are changing and technology is increasing, his thoughts and perceptions have changed a little more from what they were. When viewing this video, I was struck because it reminded me that there are quite a few people in modern day that actually are just like Mr. Wrinkle.  The way that technology is increasing, I feel that technology should be apart of everyone's life no matter the age.  Personally, I believe technology should be taught from kindergarten all the way up through the high school years.

    Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
    In this speech Sir Ken Robinson expounds on the topic of how schools are killing student's creativity.  They are forcing students to learn facts and how to do things by strictly following directions.  Teachers actually should give students, in all activities, a variety of ways to approach an assignment.  The reason I stated that the variety of approaches should be established is because all students do not learn the same way.  Some students are visual, audio, and both visual and audio. I was a visual learner.  I had to actually see the problem or situation being worked out before I could actually understand it.  Just because students have to see or do the problem does not make them an outlaw from the other students.  It also does not mean that they student has a mental disorder.  Creativity is very important when it come to teaching students and students learning.  Concluding, the thing that Sir Ken Robinson said to me that stuck with me was "If your not prepared to be wrong, then your not prepared to be creative".

    Cecelia Gault (Young Student in Finland) Interviews Sir Ken Robinson
    In this video, Sir Ken Robinson gave some very important information.  He stated that the schools can be better if the curriculum is changed.  He stated that science, math, and the use of technology should be the concentrated areas.  He also talked about the three myths of creativity which basically states that only certain people are creative.  However, he disagreed with those myths.  I disagree also that only certain people are creative.  The reason I disagree is because the school system in modern day are so strict about how they present their work to the students and how they want the work submitted by their students.  I believe if the teachers would open their ways of presenting the work, and allow their students to take other approaches than the directions that are given, then this would allow the children to express their ways of creativity.  That's one reason I would make sure the Cecelia Gault's in my classroom get an education as well as the Cecelia Gault in the video.

    Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
    "Students shouldn't be limited to just paper and pencil" is the quote by Vicki Davis that captured me.  In the video, Vicki Davis explains the significance of moving paper and pencil out of the way and using all forms of technology.  She also states that as being a teacher, you do not have to know every thing.  Vicki Davis gave her students the opportunity to teach her different things about technology.  I love this video because I believe with the way society is going, technology is basically going to be our only way of teaching our students.  As rapidly as technology is evolving, paper and pencils will be extinct and out of the question eventually.  When I obtain my degree, I wish to be a "teacher-preneur" as Vicki Davis calls herself.

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    My Wordle

    My Wordle
    Wordle: Me

    Blog Post #1

     About Me:
    Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Cohen.  I attend the University of South Alabama pursing a degree in Elementary Education.  However, I have not resided in Mobile, AL all my life.  I was born in south Florida, and at the age of 3 months, my parents decided to move to Mississippi and I have been there every since.  Yea, I know your probably thinking why from beautiful, scenery Florida to boring, country Mississippi, but my father accepted a job offer.  Although we moved to Mississippi, my parents are considering moving to Georgia to get closer to family.

    My father is a physical therapist and my mother was a cosmetologist but now is currently unemployed.  However, she just received her degree in elementary education from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).  My parents have been together since high school sweethearts which is probably about 30 years. Since that time, they have produced 3 children, 2 girls (ages 20 and 22) and 1 boy (age 27). Yes, I am the youngest and I love it because I am super spoiled.

    I am pursing a degree in the field of education because children are my heart and passion.  I love interacting with children.  To be honest, they teach you things that you realize you don't even know.  My first major that I was going to pursue was Nursing.  However, as you can see, I changed it.  Firstly, I changed it because that was not where my heart was sincerely.  Secondly, I changed it because I was only doing it for the monetary income and I didn't have any passion for it.

    Other interests and passions that I have other than interacting with children is having family time, meeting new people, relaxing, watching TV, observing my surroundings, and just being spontaneous.

    I am so excited about being a teacher. This has been my dream since childhood.  My passion is to teach children.  Their facial expressions and actions when they learn something that they didn't know is priceless.  Also,  I want to be the teacher that makes a great impact on a child's life. I want them to remember me throughout all their school years.  Lastly, I want to be the teacher that I would want my child to have.

    Randy Pausch

    In the video Randy Pausch on Time Management, Randy Pausch explains how to set goals, avoid wasting time, and to manage stress and procrastination.  He states that Americans are very bad at dealing with time but the opposite with dealing with money.  Pausch says that failing to plan is planning to fail.  To manage your time and to decrease procrastination, it is said that it's better to break things down into small things and work with the biggest down to the smallest.

    Randy Pausch was a Professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, and Design at Carnegie Mellon University.  Professor Randy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died at the age of 47.  However, during his lifetime, he achieved two awards for his achievements in computing education.