Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Do you Teach or Do you Educate
In this video, Joshua Bloom gives the differences between teaching and educating.  Throughout the video, he gave the definitions of teaching and the definitions of educating.  This video gives a great example of why we should educate rather teaching.
This video also shows why I became an education major.  I stepped into the education field because, not only did I want to be a teacher to students, but I also wanted to be an educator!  I want to be the teacher that shows the students about reality and not just teach them facts.  I most definitely do not want to be a "burp-back" teacher.  Although we should be educators, there are still some people that only teach the children and not educate them.  This video was a must watch for all teachers/educators so that it will remind them on what majoring in the education field is all about-teaching and/or educating.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home!
PencilIn this post, Tom Johnson gives a story on how one of his high administrative co-workers storms in on him a goes off on him because he is letting his students take pencils home.  However, what she does not know is that he is doing it for a good cause.  He is taking the problem and using the problem to make a better solution.    He doesn't focus on the problem and the bad outcome it gives, but he is using the problem to entertain the kids in a educational way.  He also got the parents involved with using the pencils for the better rather than for personal entertainment.  He understands that they say pencils are used for a form of entertainment, but he doesn't dwell on the negative.  He turns it into a positive.
I loved this article.  This is because many teachers and administrators are quick to throw something out of the school system if it is said to be a problem.  I believe throwing something completely out is harder to do rather than cope with it and use it for the better.  Children are easier with making a change in something than throwing it out.  If something that students like gets thrown out, then another problem that will occur is students sneaking the item in school anyways!! So I say, don't throw it out! Tweak it and make it useful!  As a future educator, a motto that I will have is "Never Look at the Negative, But Focus On the Positive".
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