Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post #11

Baby on iPad

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class & Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy
These videos were interesting.  Ms. Cassidy takes many different approaches in cooperating technology in her 1st grade classroom.  I loved how the children are only in 1st grade, and know how to navigate the different ways of technology easily.  I enjoyed watching this video, because it gave me hope to know that it doesn't matter what grade the students are in, technology can be taught and understood.
Also, in the interview Ms. Cassidy explains her technique of implementing technology.  A student asked how would she recommend adding technology in the classroom.  She stated to do what best interest you first and all the other would fall in place.  She also said to check your surroundings and see what your students are capable of.  Ms Cassidy even said for using technology in Physical Education classes would be great also.  Putting the game schedule up, making changes in practice times, etc. would be a great way to incorporate tecnology.  Ms. Cassidy also talks about how she shields her students from clicking on things that are harmful to the computer and to the students eyes.  She also tells them to only use their first name for protection on the internet.  Ms. Cassidy has a great technique of teaching 1st graders on how to use technology.  No doubt, I believe her students will come out on top of other students in the real world.
Watching Ms. Cassidy have her students use technology was a big "ahhhh" to me.  This is because before watching this, I thought technology should only be taught in the upper level classes.  But by watching her implement it in her classroom, it showed me that no matter the age or level, technology can be taught in some form or fashion, even if it is just introduced a little. No doubt, I will take Ms.Cassidy's input on implementing technology in elementary classrooms with me when I become a teacher.


  1. Hello Ashley,

    I'm glad you think Ms. Cassidy's experiments with technology with 1st graders are worthwhile. The younger we start training them how to use technology properly, the better prepared they will be when they have to use it.

  2. Hey Ashley! I totally agree with everything you pointed out. It was amazing seeing these first graders use the technology that we also use. They are just further proving that you don't need to be any age or class standing to use the technology. I think it is brilliant.