Sunday, November 20, 2011

Missed the Metaphor Additional Assignment!.

Mixed Metaphors

In this post, Dr. Strange helps us to understand metaphors.  Metaphors are used to give information without saying everything.  They also add interest to reading. I was one of the students who missed the metaphor in Blog Post #10.  I believe I missed the metaphor because I took the post too seriously.  I was more focused on the content of the post rather than the actual idea that it was trying to portray.  I was strictly thinking more inside the box rather than broadening my ideas and think outside the box.  I can say it is harder for me to find the metaphors that haven't heard regularly. However, if it was something like "she nailed it", "she's so sweet", "i'd kill for that new laptop", or "he's chickening out", I would understand those with no problem.  I think the problem with me not being able to understand those quickly is because I don't usually read information that contains a lot of metaphors.  To help upcoming students understand and use metaphors in their future life it to integrate metaphors in daily lessons to ensure that the students will be able to understand them.

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