Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Post #14

Young Girl on Smartboard

In this video, Jose Picardo gives very essential tips to using effective technology in the classroom.  Picardo talks about 10 tips that will help any classroom to have a better environment.  The 10 tips are:
1.  Use Streaming Video
2.  Use Music More Often
3.  Use Teleconferencing Tools
4.  Create Your Own Interactive Exercises
5.  Use Your Interactive Whiteboard More Effectively
6.  Create Your Own Podcasts
7.  Start a Blog or Wiki
8.  Use Social Networks
9.  Use Internet Tools
10. Make the Most of Your Pupils' Gadgets

Out of all of these tips, the one that I found the most helpful was to use your interactive white board more effectively.  Many teachers have Smartboards, but do not use them effectively.  I have had teachers who have had Smartboards.  Some of them use them correctly and others don't.  I feel that when my teachers actually uses more of the applications on the Smartboard, it enhances my learning and creates a better learning environment for me.  When I become a teacher, if I am blessed enough to have a Interactive Whiteboard, I will take full advantage of the many options that it has to offer.  I believe that using the Interactive Whiteboard effectively will make students more enthused about the material that is being taught even if it is a subject that they dislike.

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  1. Hey Ashley,

    Congratulations on making it to your last blog post! I know you must be happy. As for the blog post, you were supposed to write at least two paragraphs to "discuss his suggestions, including those with which you are not already familiar. Evaluate they utility in teaching." I felt like you could have gone further into depth about the ways you would expand use of the Interactive Whiteboard.

    Have a great holiday!