Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Post #12

If I were to create a blog post assignment, my assignment would be to create a video at the beginning of the class.  The instructions would be to create a video addressing:
1. Their views on technology
2. Are the technologically literate
3. What types of and how much technology do they use on a daily basis whether it be FB, Twitter, Skype, cell phone, computer (desktop or laptop), iPad, etc.
4.  Their assumptions about EDM310 including the rumors about the course. :-)
6. What is the purpose of EDM310.
5.  What they expect to learn from EDM310
This video would be informal and must be at least 4-5 minutes.  When completed, post to YouTube and on your blog as "Why EDM310?"

I picked this to be a blog post assignment, because I think it would get the students to express how they really feel about EDM310 and not just what Dr. Stange wants to hear.  I wish this would have been a blog post assignment for Fall 11', because it would have removed some of the tension I had when entering the course.


  1. We have a similar assignment at the end of the course. Maybe I will try your suggestion. Do you think students will answer your questions honestly? I am not sure.

  2. I think that your video is a good idea, but like Dr. Strange pointed out students may not answer the questions honestly. I do not believe all the students will.

  3. I honestly think they would answer honestly. I say give it a shot! :)