Sunday, December 4, 2011

Final Report on PLN! :)

Final PLN
For my final report for my PLN, I must say, I LOVE IT!!!! It gets me to everything.  I am so glad that I was introduced to Symbaloo.  When starting EDM310, I was very poor at managing time and staying organized.  However, Symbaloo has helped me tremendously with that.  When I sign onto Symbaloo, I have everything that I need right in front of me from educational to personal. My PLN consist of information that I need to stay informed with EDM310 such as my the class blog, my checklist, the syllabus, Google Docs, and the instruction manual.  Those are the most important tools on my PLN, because they keep me informed on what's due and how to complete it.  Also on my PLN, I have students and teachers blogs that I have visited since EDM has started.  The teachers blogs are very essential and informing with great information.  I love reading the student's blogs.  They inspire me to want to implement technology heavily once I become a teacher.  Another tile that is essential to my PLN is Twitter.  Twitter gives great information for the educational.  I follow a great amount of educators on Twitter.  It's great signing on Twitter having and seeing educators just giving away free information to help others.  Overall, Twitter can be a great asset if used correctly.  Another site that I visit regularly is YouTube.  YouTube is very helpful for any subject. I use YouTube basically for everything.  If there is anything I need to or just want to know how to do, YouTube is my first place to go. If you don't know how to do something,"Check YouTube".  I promise you it's on there!  If you want to know about something, "Check YouTube".  I promise you it's on there! If you want to know how to use YouTube, "Check YouTube". I promise you it's on there.  EVERYTHING is on YouTube. It's a great tool to have on anybody's PLN.

 Not only do I use my PLN for educational use, but also for personal use.  All of the sites that I mostly visit for personal use such as Facebook, Regions, and Chegg are included on my PLN.  Having a PLN has helped me tremendously with becoming organized educationally and personally.  I loved having a PLN so much that I told my mom "You have to have one of these! They are sooo cool!" Yea.. I know I sounded like a total "technology nerd" right then! Oh well, PLN's are the best. Glad Dr. Strange introduced me to this.  There is no doubt that I will be using my PLN even after EDM is completed. Thanks Dr. Strange!

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