Friday, December 2, 2011

Final Project!!

Enjoyed making this video!! #TeamGryffindor!! :)


  1. Hey Ashley! Great job in this video! It was great working with you this semester! Only a couple of weeks left! See you in class Tuesday!

  2. Ashley!
    You guys all did great, but you were very very entertaining and did a great job with your part at the end! You were very animated and comedic! You really brought your personality to the project! Great work!!

  3. Hey Ashley,

    "Nine hours! Oh my goodness!" I love the energy of Team Gryffindor!

    I think it's great that y'all are focusing on a specific group of students. Non-traditional students are often ignored when it comes down to it. You effectively show that demographic that they can do this class if you stay on track and organized. I've think you've helped more than a little.

    This video is full of good advice. It's so surprising, though, how many students fail to take that advice when we give it to them multiple times at the beginning of the semester. We may have to show y'all's video to them the first day of class.

    I wish y'all nothing but the best with your educational endeavors!