Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post #13

Population Photo

I believe that Wolfram Alpha is a great search engine.  I searched the Populations of the United States, China, and India.  To my surprise the United States ranked 3rd in the largest countries with 309 million.  India ranked 2nd with 1.2 billion, and China ranked 1st with 1.37 billion people.  I was shocked at the population amounts for those three countries.  When I first entered a search on Wolfram Alpha, I was amazed with the instant results it gave me.  I would rather use this search engine because it is quicker and I wouldn't have to spend much time finding which exact webpage to go to.  I believe that this would be a great source in a classroom.  Wolfram Alpha would make classwork that requires answers from the internet easier to grade papers.  Also, a variety of answers would not be a problem when students are asked to find information on the internet. Wolfram Alpha would be the first source I would use as an internet search engine when teaching.

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  1. Hey Ashley,

    It's always interesting to discover things that surprise us. I'm constantly amazed by how different other cultures are in even the simplest ways. Like in China, for instance. They don't have cheese. Isn't that strange?

    Anyway, you didn't really complete this assignment. You were also supposed to discuss Google Squared and reflect back on the facts from the first Did You Know? video.